Speedy Repair LLC
Appliance Repair Services

Serving Grants Pass and the surrounding area

About Us

Locally owned and operated out of Grants by a licensed (CCB#239628) appliance technician

Working directly with homeowners and trusted by Home Warranty companies:
Cinch, ServicePower, Landmark, and Fidelity

What we do best

Quick and affordable service call with a professional diagnosis.

Highly experienced with LG refrigerator compressor changes for both R600a and R134a refrigerants.

Is your appliance freezing up?
Not cooling?
Not draining?
Not cleaning?

Step #1

How can I help?

Phone/text me with information about your issue

Step #2

Where are you located?

serving Grants Pass and Medford area

Step #3

Receive an appointment

No big time frames. Dependable, uniformed and eager to solve your problem

Flat rates for service calls

Need a part replaced?

Send me the part name and model#
And your part will be purchased and available within 0-3 business days (non-refundable)

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